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I am a 30-something-year-old Swede, working as the environmental/quality coordinator at a waste management company but dreaming of making my living as a travel photographer. That way I could combine the two best things in the world: photography and travelling. I prefer the active, adventurous out-door way of travelling and I always try to have at least one trip planned to have something to look forward to. Especially during winter and fall to get me through those long months of darkness that never seems to end.

Except for travelling and taking photographs I love to exercise, train my dog, listen to music, watch movies and eat. Yes, eating is one of my absolute favourite things to do and I am sure that it eventually will make me fat.

I am passionate about environmental issues and can not stand the bare thought of my grandchildren not having a living nature to admire, play in and love just as much as I do. The most relaxing thing to me is going for a walk with my dog.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.